SCBA International Symposium in San Francisco

Hyatt Regency - July 19-23, 2006


Opening Reception with Chinese buffet dinner and music entertainment was held at the San Francisco historical Post-Office Atrium on July 19, 2006. Presient Kenneth Fong opened the Reception. The Mayor of San Francisco, Mr. Gavin Newson, delivered a welcome note and then greeted various Chinese bioscientistsworldwide.

Snapshots of the meeting

Registration1, Registration2, Opening ceremony, Coffee break, random snapshot1, snapshot2, snapshot3, snapshot4. 

Nobel laureate Aaron Ciechanover was introduced by Edward Yeh, Nobel laureate Peter Agre was introduced by YW Kan. After their lectures, they were presented with plagues and crystals from SCBA. They also greeted and had lively talks with numerous meeting participants.

The meeting was greatly facilitated by local organizing committee and many local volunteers from University of California, San Francisco , Stanford, University of California, Berkeley, Excel PharmaStudies, VA Medical Center, San Francisco, even some out of town participatns, including those from Utah State University, National Institutes of Health and Chinese Academies of Sciences.  Here are some of the volunteers, Snapshot1, Snapshot2.

SCBA Awards

Several distinguished individuals were recognized for their contributions to biosciences and were presented with various awards by the SCBA. They are:

2006 SCBA Lifetime Achievement Awards were presented to Professor Yuet Wai Kan, Louis K. Diamond Professor, University of California, San Francisco for his pioneering work in prenatal diagnosis, recombinant DNA technology and human genetics; and Professor Shu Chien, University Professor, University of California, San Diego for his outstanding research in molecular, cellular and integrative studies on bioengineering and physiology.

2006 SCBA Presidential Awards were presented to Professor Yuh-Nung Jan and Professor Lily Jan, University of California, San Francisco, for their distinguished research in neurosciences.

2006 SCBA Junior Achievement Award was presented to Professor Yi Zhang, University of North Carolina for his outstanding research in epigenetics and chromatin structure and biochmeistry.


2006 SCBA Lifetime Achievement in Biopharmaceutical Science Award was presented to Dr. Allen Chao, Chairman and CEO of Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc., for his leadership and achievement in drug research and manufacturing in the industry.

2006 SCBA BioPharm Pioneer Award was presented to Dr. Nancy T. Chang, Co-Founder and Chairman, Tanox, Inc. for her entrepreneurial spirit and scientific vision.

Chinese Cultural Entertainment was held in the evening of July 21, 2006

Performances by professional Chinese singers, musicians, comedians and acrobats. Snaptshot1, snapshot2, snapshot3, snapshot4, snapshot5, snapshot6, snapshot7 and several amateur conference participants, snapshot1, snapshot2, snapshot3, snapshot4 and the two Presidents of SCBA.



Numerous biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies participated in the conference, displaying their respective products and services. Snapshot1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Closing Banquet was held at the Empress of China Restaurant in the evening of July 23, 2006.

Presidents Mien-Chie Hung and Kenneth Fong presided over the closing ceremony and presented various plagues to people who contributed significantly to the symposium. They included the Executive Director, Joseph Li, Local Organizers, Chris Lau and Benidict Yen, Scientific Committee Chair, Hsing-Jien Kung, Chief Volunteer Coordinator, Xiang Xu, and volunteers, among others. After the dinner, there were music and dancing till late in the evening. Snapshot1, snapshot2, snapshot3, snapshot4, snapshot5, snapshot6 .




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