About SCBA
• The Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America (SCBA) is a non-profit organization founded by a few prominent and enthusiastic bioscientists in 1984.
• Currently, SCBA has ~2,500 members from various universities, academies, medical institutions, industrial and biotechnology companies.
• Since its inception, 40 SCBA Chapters have been formed in US, Canada, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Europe.

SCBA has five objectives:
• To promote research in biosciences.
• To advance biological and medical knowledge.
• To improve occupational opportunities of its members.
• To facilitate professional networking among members.
• To establish a spirit of fraternity and international cooperation.

SCBA Divisions

SCBA BioPharm Division

BioPharm Division President & Contact:
Dr. Chi-ming Lee, AstraZeneca
Tel: 302-885-0669
E-mail: Chi-ming.lee@astrazeneca.com

SCBA Cancer Division

Cancer Division President & Contact:
Dr. Yun Yen, City of Hope
Tel: 626 256-4673 x65707

SCBA Neuroscience Division

SCBA Division President & Contact:
Dr. Weimin Zhong, Yale University
Tel: 203 432-9233

Please visit the Divisions on the SCBA website: http://www.scbasociety.org/


Examples of SCBA Activities
• Scientific meetings in local chapters
• Cooperative research training programs
• Recruitment of faculties, researchers and investors globally and to USA and Asia
• Recruitment of post-doctoral fellows and pre-doctoral students
• Forming mutually beneficial connections and linkages with the US Biotechnology industry & the Asia-Pacific Rim countries


SCBA Bylaws



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